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There are many types of engineering in the world today making it hard for teenagers to select the field they truly want to enter. The key to finding a job they will love is by linking favored types of engineering to hobbies that these students have enjoyed. If a student is fascinated by genetics, biological engineering is an excellent option. Students interested in computers will enjoy computer engineering. Students with a strong interest in the environment will be happy in environmental engineering. There are many types of engineering that some many not have heard of, so it is important to learn all about these fields before making a career choice.

When thinking about popular types of engineering, aerospace engineering usually comes to mind. Aerospace engineering is the specialty in which planes, helicopters, missiles, satellites, and spacecraft are designed, created, and tested.

Architectural engineering fields are types of engineering in which skilled professionals design tall buildings/structures safely and in a cost effective manner. Architectural engineers must consider how to create a tall building while still maintaining its safety in a natural event (hurricane, tornado, or earthquake) or a major bombing or fire.

When discussing types of engineering, agricultural engineering may not come to mind. Agricultural engineering involves designing machinery or buildings used on a farm. Right now, the field is changing quickly to involve the use of wind turbines and other environmentally friendly energy sources. Agricultural engineers use their training to come up with fuel efficient systems used for milking, plowing fields, and much more. Agriculture engineers are in one of the fastest changing types of engineering.

Bioengineering is one of the many types of engineering. Also known as biological engineering, these specialists study life forms. They may work with genetics creating life from a single cell or use chemistry or mechanics to sustain a life form. Bioengineers must have a passion for creating life systems and working with organisms as small as a cell. Bioengineers work with high-powered microscopes regularly, so the work may seem tedious to some. For those who enjoy microscopes, this can be a fascinating field.

This is just a handful of the types of engineering out there. There are many other types of engineering in the world today from chemical engineers to mechanical engineers to computer engineers to electrical engineers.