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Thousands have asked, "what is an engineer?" yet they still may not be completely sure that they understand. If you have ever wanted to fully understand the answer to "what is an engineer," you should know that you are not alone. Engineering is one of the most popular fields for college freshmen, but the curriculum is challenging and requires many math and science classes. To gain a degree, you must be willing to successfully complete courses in engineering math, physics, calculus, and much more. Starting by asking, "what is an engineer," is one of the ways to get started in this lucrative field, but it is also important to know that not everyone enjoys this highly detailed line of work.

Engineers are the men and women who design, build, test, repair, and establish many products used in today’s world. What is an engineer? The answer quite honestly depends on the type of engineer one wishes to know about. Civil engineers design and build roadways, bridges, buildings, airports, dams, canals, and much more. In this case, the answer to "what is an engineer?" is best answered by saying look around at today's transportation means—roads, rail systems, subway systems, and other important aspects of travel are all dependent on the skill of a civil engineer. What is an engineer is answered by saying an engineer is one of the men and women who make our lives easier and keep advancing today’s technology to be competitive.

What is an engineer? By definition, an engineer is a person holding a college degree in any one of a number of specialties who works to create, design, test, fix, or scrutinize the innermost workings of machinery, products, computers, electrical equipment, or building structures. The answer to what is an engineer is involves knowing how to test equipment, how to safely design products and equipment, and knowing how to troubleshoot problems that may arise as a product goes through construction/building, testing, and then into the stages of final usage. What is an engineer? An engineer is the skilled worker who keeps our computers running, buildings from collapsing, cars becoming more fuel efficient, and the men and women who discover new fuel sources.